technology advances exponentially

why are we drowning in mud?

because in an environment of fear

americans will forego their right to privacy

we are being programmed to believe

an environment of fear

there is a secret lurking in the ionosphere

you cannot hear

your inability to comprehend

does not mean

this isn't happening

there are energies

flowing between your ideas

psychic dictatorship,

woodpecker grid

what are the real questions?

can the lines of control be identified?

is it too late to matter?






    A Flag Bloodied, Bandied About





The work is coming along nicely on this album. Thanks to the kind folk at greylodge I was able to locate some material I needed to move forward. Here's the latest tracks:

Mad Star Rising (44+MB .mp3)
Lyrics: Wu, Wer'dna
Keyboards: Wer'dna
Beats: Wu, Wer'dna, Kitty Meow
Sampling: Wu as Philip K Nixon

This track is a long stream of consciousness piece, a little over twenty minutes.

Samples extensively from the audio book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Chain Shapeshifter (5+MB .mp3)
Lyrics: Wu
Beats: Wu
Noise Sculpture: Wu

This track is a short bite of digital modulation, preparing the way for the tracks to come

(then of course there's the three previously released tracks for this album-ish thing - the idea is a series of directories thematically grouped.. the first directory is UM3 - Unquiet Mind's third album parent directory, where Dead This Mystery Walk & Got Fleas? is located, along with upcoming album art. The first sub-directory is /TRUTHSEEKERS/ where Mad Star Rising is located, the second is /LOVERS/ where Chain Shapeshifter is located, and the third sub-directory is /WARRIORS/ where TzuKeeper is located. (TzuKeeper being in honor of Black Book V: A Day At The Zoo, & Lao Tzu & Sun Tzu)

    dark giftings

A trophy morning
sky falling
We twenty three and twisted, the sky is killing our fried
and now I losing am friends to chemtrails, eyes partly cloudy
all day. The worst it's the critters, my cat and others, animals
getting it worst. We at least choose to poisen our species, shit where
we eat, and generally stink up the place.
Shall if ever not now
what future? the middle class bubble?
I see the cloudy skies you lead there
and don't believe.

the american dream is strangled, no stranger
the clock treasures
the clock ticking
the door
you collide, her sordid, sorta did
you know, back then. But shit's
different now, the mayoral canidate
's a mason, we got midian next door
you see oil in all of this? it's
like inside out and twisted and
back and forth on all of this...
Our friend, I thug
thug is short for
thought as in not
thinking now, off
skiing inside, by
reason of needing
to stay invisible
and staying awa

The night. A solitary howl,
industrial towers behind thick trees
you can hear the airplane engines turbines
a siren in the distance at four am
do you smell the smoke, or just feel
the air brakes at the edge of town, rumbling
in your guts. Why this means war you were saying
a tremor awakening this,
like twisters in the moonlight
from overhead, when you first see the edge.
the woods moved back, engine fuel roars
you try yelling across the backwash of a turbine
you gotta suck in enough air in your gut to throw those words
scar across the wind, like a warrior: shudder to think
the night in turmoil, a conscription? across the land
we don't care anymore, we make reality
the war, the illusion, 1888 to 1984 the illusion happened, man,
and oil and all of this, and we're just screwed, man." and he bummed 29.9 APR off me
you want death rattle with your birth pang?
we asked each other, kissing ass and taking names
I'm sick og deese coulds you sick
all the time, kleenex to chemtrail
snuffles, snuffleupagus, a gas,
remember him?
lets play pretend
Is the progressive party
planning to survive?
or live? because
You can hear it international, listen
to the wires, the whole world
speaks in buzzing tones
the language we taught then
and use now. We are not i'mmortal
spend your due diligence wisely
it was time to move the realist
out of office. got philanthropist
throwing the gauntlet down, puppets
thrown to the wolves.
own mortars, alarm shelters,
the quiet quest for self-assurance
too much to quietude
and shallow temping



    hot rod

constructed from beneath, the frame first, an engine, wheels
iron and black paint, chrome
gradual and sullen curves

reclaimed from rust, pitted past
grand arrogant gods enraged
dead cities on fire

petrol, lubricants, pistons
her machine glistens
here. from words to memory


    You've A Nail - Poetry Chapbook - free download

Okay, here's my poetry chapbook... This is the same file you can purchase at Lulu for $3.75 - or you can download it for free:
You've a Nail (right click & save as)

Mostly I'm interested in what ya'll think - is this coherent? Am I even close to the right track? Is poetry a dead art form, or am I a poetaster? If you like it, you can buy a copy of this from lulu in real deadtree with cover art & whatnot. If you don't, you don't have to page through the slow-loading .png graphics from the first edition