tragic strip returns and new music!

and a new track is released:

TzuKeeper (7+MB .mp3 - right click & save as)
wu: static, programmed beats, lyrics, vocals
wer'dna: keyboard

TzuKeeper lyrics:
please press pound on your touch tone phone
please press pound on your touch tone phone
please press pound on your touch tone phone
now you're all listening
now you're all sane
now you're all the same


    Vidego Segment

a short poem entitled New World:New World (1+MB .wmv)


    Poetaster Hornbook: NĂ¼-Gladness

for years (my entire life)
I've been obsessed w/ this shiny new chrome future

for me, writing is an act of vandalism against the state

poets are political assassins; slayers
of tradition, of cultural values
every letter a drop
of bureaucracy's lifeblood
stained on the page

I want to see mad
men will themselves
into fortune, fame, and power

because it reminds me of freedom

I want to hear tales of freedom
to see it reinacted in psychodrama,
that I might believe myself a free man
after a decade of pondering
pedantic paranoias,
speak bilious,
       blather billingsgate...
   spit; shadow as partner
in the footage, 24 feet per second

in madness I trust
for shelter, cloister:
neutercane rapes seashore
by moonbeam, full bright
    slow white
sleeping sickness
brought by mosquito bite
follow east line
to the western
    brain, swelling
    shelling out

one dollar
two dollar
three, oh fuckit here's twelve

    keep the bullshit

she had my blood in a vial
and would taste it from time
to time long gone

(what have we left behind?)

our memory,

    our song

    in name only


allow the flow,
follow the story
fluctuate with fate
dream the statements
feel the glory

in name only

    Peak End Ruler

measure choice by treasure
loss by ledger filled
jot title, file memory where it cannot hurt
senses, this cannot work
message is: sentience;
lives as artwork...
replicate consciousness as commodity
sell high, bid low
sweet chariot,
clutch grail

sonorous sense shallow sadist
where simple and solid meet
reminisce this simple conceit

what perfection? there was none, the slow descent
is now gone, the shadow cast stretches out beneath the sun
and were I to peel my heart away I would find nothing but decay

(sold i sol solid id) I cannot think of what this did,
just what sent deep the selling hid

measure choice by pleasure
hedonist, blood better
need less to fill the well
to ink the ledger


    Now For Sale: You've A Nail

Printed: $9.50
Download: $3.75

This is the first full chapbook of poetry of mine for sale

It is also available for free here,
but if you buy it I'll get a whole three bucks, and quite honestly I
could use three bucks. That's a bag of catfood for Gargy - which keeps
her from eating my eyeballs while I'm sleeping.


    Got Fleas?

lyrics, beats by kitty meow
live drums, programming by wu
keys by bo
precorder by me3

from the forthcoming album TRUTHSEEKERS/LOVERS/WARRIORS


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