comatose brain change artist:

comatose brain change artist:
reality is a crutch
for people who
can't handle the fact
that reality is a crutch
wise up wake up wake up
obey nothing
thirst for everything
quench your questions

you are the source
of your own brave new world


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graphic changes coming, not safe for sanity (NSFS)



Originally uploaded by wesunruh.

    raido kaos ep

this is thee raido kaos ep
it anticipates the next Unquiet Mind album while calling to the balance, the loss of coil of mind the imbalance, the un-sound - everything is different now - we've been seduced by crisis, the owl is dazzled... a self-proclaimed messiah dictates international diplomacy, and in the midst of this churning tonal tornado great cthulhu and those denizens of the outer madness come, drawn by the scent of death

(pressed hard, this is the soul's journey... the operating system of one's ka)


    lyrics : Thorn in two parts

Thorn in two parts

one part:

built. built.

built on shells,
    on dead minds, cold woods
Speckled leafshade, wanted to hold your hand
        and go there
        whisper to you in the glistening
        listen to you dreaming
        dream the gloaming

     cannot bring the walls torn out
     together shoulder these burdens
     and collapse the superstructure
     imaging, engaged...
imagine this: myself, fetus
adrift in the vacancy
        of you
        your sculpture born,

twisted threads and medicine pouches

is myself the self I carved myself
with rage as scalpel and acid as razor?

& this dead flesh with scars unsewn
bears my word and is my paper:
thorn guards flower'ew
nez pierce leaf falls
twin valley magic slo-
shone at dawn,
     take down boots
     trample on

here, solid pointed isolated
     one canvas, repatriated
     there again, the soul's homeland
     an omission.

bottled, your nose can call it forth still,
mom's bread, salad brunch and cold folgers
     mamzers in the synagogue,
     cloistered in the holies

give it that tempo, you say. bequeath that unlined
     document, pass down those skeletons.
drain these aged pus-scabbed souls, give memory its
     wings once shuddered face of chrysalis form...
flame more more
     solid free of trademark,
     of birthright sold left behind
     outright, so less defined,
     less conscious, less sensate,

Born. Born.
Born enslaved, with sanity the chain

and in everything, the ache of that first movement
A film of pain, through this all essence filters
and the casualty,
     the causality
          openly divides, throws
            daggers to the mind

show this sculpture built
from cobweb memory, yearbook, docufied
       resolute and card-carrying

and stagger it about
     as if it were real
          and had weight

          pause here
          this trackless waste
          against meaning the skyline gives way

          and there is only starlight,
     and sweetgrass
Stand there, between dead minds
and the cold woods, stare through the traffic
     to the old days, where Memory
     was all Time did.

another part:

during convocation:
"If I remember the wrong thing
the whole world will be torn asunder
and into nothing will I fall,
          from whence I came."

     this shell, this self, this shelf
     on which I rest - it falls apart
               in the quest.

so solid truth: if thought distraught

"was it me? did I destroy by just existing?"

said with overacting, dramaturge,

try not to encourage solipsist resurrgence, atavistic yearnings.
Drown swan song reverie w/ throated trams,
     streetcars ringing desire's riding reason
     with a horse's saddle, limelight style,
six gun lullabye a'blazing

     sacred whore outlaw mother stone junction
     lover: "so yer a slut as well as a thief"
          the nun say
               has no effect

fictional mother sure, feel free
rip apart the fantasy within,
          leap sterling into
          silver disillusion

          mercurial disolve

we must flee; the devouring god
          the all seeks to unmake
          & there is only change in continuity
reasoning ridden hard
then reason branded by desire
the world is bound by secret knots
divine intercessions, sealed records
          in whiteout
          in liquid paper
          lies are thicker
          than blood

given this mask
given this, this task:
to be sure, to be pure,
to be more than the sum
          of my parts