soooo bloody close

over the next few days we'll be uploading the completed album to um.dmusic.com - & as of right now there's an additional two tracks not mentioned in this post here:
13 this corporate republic
14 fin for the age of pisces

we finished Asymmetrical Synchronicity and Official Fantasy, elaborated and planned for The Human Export, and developed Fin for the Age of Pisces.

its coming


    skinny puppy

the greatest show I've ever seen -

Otto Von Schirach opened the show. somewhere between kitty screaming 'make some fucking noise' and his vocal sampling of "Stubb (A Dub)" while chewing a pig he seemed to have turned half the kansas crowd against him. But I didn't come to buy his lactating hermaphrodite cd, kitty & I came to see skinny puppy.

the set was robust, the performance elaborate, and the visual stuff very nice - from landscapes and serene oceans to war footage, skulls and pentacles and bush and hitler and glowing gates, a series of ritual pantacles and sigils that looked to be partly from the keys of solomon, the magus, and at least a few from avon's necronomicon. surgery may have been performed, or a crucifixion

the set opened with a few from the new album, d0wnsizer and I'mmortal, then an impressively clean Pro-Test... I'd hoped they'd play ghostman... but the last song from tGWotR for the night was EmpTe. Back catalogue stuff followed, God's Gift (Maggot), and Tin Omen stick out, along with an astounding performance of Curcible and Warlock. deep down Trauma Hounds, and Smothered Hope during the encore both had me thinking about how timeless this music really is - as fresh and relevant for today's cutting edge as it was when they first released those tracks

kitty & I even got photos with the tour drummer justin bennet, & kitty gave cevin key our unquiet mind cd with the new album we've almost finished
for what it's worth the cd liner has a typo though - it's not official fatsy, it's official fantasy
Up til now, I'd counted Crash Worship, in denver back in late 97 as the most intense concert experience of my life. no longer

so anyway they're headed to georgia and florida before hitting ny in november - then back through ohio until they arrive in denver on 11-23...(goddamn we may have to drive the 600+ miles there to see 'em again)



conceptualization mostly complete, artworking under development...
Track Titles
1 You:Artist Unknown
2 EmbracEvolv
3 Teotwawki
4 The Human Export
5 Endless Neon Daymare
6 Official Fantasy
7 The Human Egregore
8 Words ObscuReveal Dreams
9 Asymmetrical Synchronicity
10 Werewolf Erotica
11 Knowledge Needs Only Wisdom
12 Itinerant Transmission
today feeling sick, feverish, busy with software installations, re-evaluation of older works, fragments reassembled

(& somewhere there's that perfect sound)

new directions explored beets built and musicians lined up:
(two new guest vocalists & a precorder flutist scheduled)

a number of versions of The Human Export
have been completed and archived
and are on their way to austin



currently working on various tracks. as mentioned here, Unquiet Mind will also be scoring a video documentary project on the signifigance of occult symbolism in american culture(more details to come)

for now though, a few quick notes - the final version of 'The Human Export' is complete. Nearly complete are two other tracks, 'Official Fantasy' and 'The Human Egregore'

planning and production on 'Itinerant Transmission' and 'Endless Neon Daymare' begin this evening