a twist of meaning change season

moving now, new motion new motives new moments leading this new tone, a tonic, abbreviated concepts, acrostics left taunting for the mordant deposits

we only get one, the first one's a fee


Unquiet Mind | Unknown Artist

(a concept ep)

Unquiet Mind is Kitty Meow & Wes Unruh

Unknown Artist is the ep, created with numerous guest artists

freely available for download at um.dmusic.com


when we were were

it's authorized man they gave me a sticker
looks like a badge, says I'm a winner

where we were were

when we were wards
were where we were
would we wood wild

would we wood wild
when we were wards
were where we were

where we were were

spoke mumbling, under breath we weave
words tumbling, silenced lest they decieve

was easier when we were were
world innocent before words appear
we wards were wild when we were were


twittering, longing, spiraling between the morning dawn and twilight silent, moon cold, arose, flows silver down the skyline