The worst sin that can be committed
against the artist is to take him
at his word, to see in his work
a fulfillment instead of an horizon.
- h.v.miller, "open letter
    to surrealists everywhere"

thrice unseen as the spoken is above fire once undone so permeates done below all
unseen as the spoken                              permeates done below
as the spoken          fire once           permeates done
the spoken is above fire once undone so permeates
spoken is                 undone so
is above      once undone
above fire once



mythmakers are assassins, devouring
themselves in the process, the procession
writhing, feverish ouroboric worship

moving through the windswept, vaulted arcade
a moaning, echoing voice raised, stricken..

entails a mindset set firm, set stranglehold
on greatness, defenestrated, in the shards
in the yard below, glowing, the remains

and with each moment the memory grows
and with each memory the legend

demanding her crown, licks fingers
rip stark entrails from the layers,
autophage, she picked to the bone