how far is too far? where
does it end? must it end?

   the future is shadows & haze
   I'm not putting out my light,
I'm gathering steams, building a
charge, powering up ----- gotta
be, cause depression is aggression
& Saturn's coming round the bend
narrowing in on the homestretch--
a cagey gleam to his eye,
clocks and taxmen in his wake.

Stolen Moment
    Like the photo
     her hair wayward, windswept
   and gorgeous, sung1asses propped
at an improbable angle, cigarette near the
 first knuckle, the ocean edge
    defining the beaches
    beyond her  
in awe, awash

storms lightning so thick and fast
you feel a constant rumbling thunder
   in your very innards

   standing on the porch, maple
thrashing eyelevel with the winds

And torrents, swept clean from the rains
the streets have their own granduer, a patchwork

   of brick and pavement lends credence
   to the calm awareness of the fury
cultivated by the masons compass, square and level

so the dance of droplets sound against the pane
glass streaked, through which the electric lights

   wind like rivers through the storm
   in defiance, in fraternity with the night
sky boiling across the flats of Kansas