Intuit everything, that which is & that which is not. Part of the process is to unleash the symptom, evaluate the systems, & expose the symmetry. This is the world between veils, erected before comatose erections, developed over centuries of phalic monoliths. Devote time to the passage of memory, & engage in reflection of 'from whence you came.' As the wheel turns you must be a center at the edge of it, both creator & instigator of the wheel & its motion. Reality turns on ideals. A shifting of thought processes, when directed by will, can create trapdoors into the next fractal universe. Pass through these whorls to the world around you. Remember the seed knows not the outcome, it is only a seed.

The purpose of the will is the assistance of the self. Masks are but the face beneath the face beneath the mask. Their nature is to please the wearer with the pleasure of wearing a new nature. Nothing is static. To move forward is to grow, & it is also to cut off that which kept growth from occuring. By being determined to forge ahead regardless of the consequences all things become known & reality, twisted, accommodates. Even though there may be pain, there is understanding that the pain has a reason, that pain is purification.

Do not accept a teacher as master, for by accepting a master you have become a slave. Individuation is essential for creation exists only in a vacuum. It is the urgency to fill the void, to compile understanding, to engage in conflict & proclaim visions that give life meaning.